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Make us-care a weekly practice

Like self-care, but for couples. Sign up and see how spending just 30 minutes per week on your relationship can make you feel more understood, connected, and satisfied in your relationship. 

Navigate life better together   

Proactively explore topics and tools that are scientifically proven to enhance your relationship

Who Tango is for 
It's easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of life and forget to dedicate regular time to checking in, learning, and growing in your relationship. Tango is for couples who are in it for the long haul and aren't afraid to put in the work to make their relationship the best it can be. 

What it involves 
Just 30 minutes per week. Dedicate regular time to reflect on your relationship and proactively discuss topics that are scientifically proven to make you feel more connected. We'll help you build a toolkit for being a better partner so that you're ready to take whatever life throws at you. 

Why this matters
Healthy relationships are the #1 predictor of happiness and life satisfaction. Just like we have to consciously dedicate time to invest in bettering ourselves - be it through exercise, meditation, or therapy - we also need to put in the work to better our relationships. 

How it works


Set a weekly time to connect  

Behaviors are more likely to become habits when they are repeated in the same context. By setting a regular time for Tango, you'll start to build us-care into your routine.


Receive your topic of the week

We make it easy for you. Each week, we'll send an email with a topic to dive into together. Your job is simple - follow the prompts!


Start learning and get chatting 

We'll help you assess how aligned you already are, introduce helpful relationship science research, and guide you through a reflective conversation. 

What's included
with each topic 

Take a quiz 

See how aligned you are 

Reflect on how aligned you feel you and your partner are on a given topic. This will help you see where you might need to do more chatting. We encourage you to have your partner take it too!

Listen to an audio clip 

Learn science-backed research & tools

Listen to a brief (<5 min) audio clip that introduces related relationship science research and provides tips you can incorporate to enhance your relationship 

Reflect & discuss

Use our reflection cards to go deeper

Set aside ~30 minutes to go deeper into your quiz results and the audio clip learnings. No need to come up with questions or prompts - we provide digital reflection cards to make it easy!

Featured Topics 

Each week, we'll send you a topic to dive into that's scientifically proven to strengthen your relationship. Our range of topics covers everything from sparking curiosity, to encouraging exploration, to prompting proactive planning, and more. Regardless of the topic, the goal is the same: improve your connection! 

Week 1 

Exploring our relationship rituals 

Week 2

Understanding our conflict styles

Week 3

Discovering our money beliefs 

Coming Soon

Exploring how often we want to have sex

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