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When do you think you should introduce your SO to your family?

TLDR: Deciding to introduce your SO to your parents is super personal and is based on several key factors (most of which are out of your control). The exact timeline is less important than how you feel about it. And remember, everyone’s family is different. While you might be ready to introduce your SO to your parents, that doesn’t mean they’re also ready. Just have patience and keep an open line of communication with each other, and we’re sure it’ll go great!

Tango's Take 🔮

You think it might be time to meet the parents? Congrats! This probably means you’re starting to feel more committed in your relationship and/or you’re starting to see a future together, which is super exciting. If you’re wondering when exactly it’s appropriate, our in-house expert Dr. Rothman might be able to help:

“We bet if you ask this to 10 different people, you’ll get 10 different answers. Deciding when to introduce your SO to family or loved ones is highly subjective, and depends predominantly on four factors–some of which are out of your control: (1) the kind of relationship you have with your family, (2) how highly you value having family involved in your adult life, (3) culture, and (4) geographic convenience.

Those who report close relationships with family members and really want to have family involved in their lives are more likely to want to introduce their SO earlier on in the relationship than those who report less closeness or those who place lower value on the importance of family involvement.

These two factors are also going to be heavily influenced by culture and geographic convenience. Does your culture or religion place importance on family or parental approval? Do you live far away from family and/or lack the resources to easily visit? Are you in a long-distance relationship and your SO is far away from where your family is located? These answers will directly impact when your SO meets your loved ones, and that’s okay! Ultimately, whenever you’re ready is the right time.”

We also want to remind you that just because you introduce your SO to your parents, that doesn’t mean they’re ready to introduce you to theirs. Again, this probably isn’t personal - it has to do with several external factors that can complicate things. Per usual, we recommend talking about it to avoid any confusion or disappointment on either end.

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