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Is only ever dating one person before getting married a mistake?

TLDR: Don’t overthink it. In fact, research shows that first-love marriages can be the happiest. So if you’re confident and secure in your relationship, we say go for it! 🫶

Tango's Take 🔮

If you’re in this situation, props to you! Wanting to spend the rest of your life with your first love is something to celebrate.

But we get it, you’re worried about regret. Research does show that when negotiators accept their first offer, they’re more likely to wonder if there was a better option to be pursued, and thus feel less satisfied with the result.

But does that same mindset apply to love? Not necessarily! A YouGov study looked at relationship satisfaction among British marriages and found that first-love marriages were actually the strongest! People married to their first loves were more likely to say they were still in love, more likely to think their partner would be there until their “dying day”, and less likely to say they’d ever leave their partner. Sounds pretty desirable to us.

The important thing is to ensure that you and your partner are both happy and committed. If either of you are having major doubts that you don’t think you can get over without exploring other relationships, then that’s something to discuss. But if not, no need to overthink it.

And regardless of whether you're marrying your first love or not, what’s most important is that couples go into marriage with a strong sense of mutual respect, trust, love, and excitement. If any of these factors feel compromised, you may want to seek out help from an expert through pre-engagement counseling or something similar. But if not, be grateful you were lucky enough to find the one on your first go!

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