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Is jealousy normal?

TLDR: Let’s be honest, we all get jealous. Before approaching your partner, it’s important to internally reflect on why you’re feeling that way and try to detach your feelings to uncover the reality of the situation.

Tango's Take: Jealousy 👀

Relationships are hard, and we’ve probably all had moments where we feel jealous of one thing or another. But before you sound the alarm bells around jealousy, check out what our in-house clinical psychologist, Dr. Rothman, has to say:

“Jealousy is a healthy human emotion that we all experience at one point or another. It’s not always cause for alarm nor does it always require discussion with your partner. Fleeting jealousy could last a few seconds to minutes to hours and can go away on its own. A key takeaway about jealousy is: just because you are feeling jealous does not mean you have reason to feel jealous. For example, let’s say Jason and Ali (a couple) are out with Jason’s friends and he compliments a woman he went to college with on her dress. Ali might experience a jolt of jealousy, but that jealousy doesn’t mean that this female friend is a threat. Maybe it just means that Ali wants more positive comments from Jason on a regular basis, or that she and Jason aren’t far enough into their relationship yet and their trust is still developing. The presence of jealousy is not cause for alarm but may be cause for discussion together.

If you find that jealousy is sticking around and not going away, it’s really important to explore this internally: where is it coming from? Is it warranted? Is it reality-based? Is there something your partner can do to help assuage it? Then, approach your partner with curiosity instead of accusation.”

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