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Is it normal to get bored in a relationship?

TLDR: Let's face it, we all get bored of our favorite things - favorite foods, favorite workouts, favorite restaurants, even favorite people!

Tango's Take: Relationship Boredom 🥱

Bored in your relationship and wondering if there's something wrong? Let's see what our in-house clinical psychologist and relationship expert, Dr. Rothman, has to say:

"I want you to think right now about something you love–maybe it’s your favorite food, your favorite song, your favorite place, your favorite movie. Maybe it’s your pet. Maybe it’s your partner. Now bring to mind at least one example of a time where you lost a little excitement for that thing. Did it stop being your favorite? Or did you not really read into it?

Let’s say my favorite candy is gummy bears. When I haven’t had them in a while, they taste even better than I remembered. When I eat them very frequently, they are still good but maybe sometimes I’m a little bored or a little less enthused. Is there something wrong with gummy bears now? Should I stop saying they’re my favorite because I’m less excited? Of course not! This is a normal response to monotony. I can either wait it out, or try to regain my zest for gummy bears by finding a different brand, looking for different flavors, eating them less often, eating fewer at a time…we’re being a bit silly here, but the point is–this does not have to be cause for alarm.

Just because excitement waxes and wanes doesn’t mean anything is broken or wrong.

When you’re feeling the monotony start to hit, don’t panic. It’s normal. Wait it out or try switching things up." So what can you do to switch it up?

Go on a double date. One study shows that going on double dates can actually bring you closer to your partner than going out just the two of you because it helps you see your partner in a new light.

Spend some time apart. If you’re spending too much time together, it’s no wonder you’re getting bored. By going on a weekend trip away from your partner, you’ll give yourself teh chance to miss eahc other, which can reignite passion and bring more excitement to your relationship.

Go on an adventure together. Research from the U.S. Travel Association found that traveling as a couple sparks romance and improves intimacy. Even a day trip where you’re exploring something new together can do the trick!

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