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Moving in together this summer?

Congrats! Moving in together is a big milestone. But before you do so, you'll want to make sure you're aligned on a few key things. We'll assess your alignment through a series of 3 couple quizzes, and then guide you through discussing the results in depth

Not moving in together yet? We've got you. 


Take a 1-min couple quiz 

See how aligned you are on the following cohabitation topics: 

  • Intentions & Expectations

  • Sharing Expenses

  • Division of Labor 

*you and your partner will see each other's responses 

Living Together Quiz

How it works


Receive your results

Discover your overall alignment score and then dive into each question to see where you're aligned and where you see things differently 

Sample_Living Together Expectations (1).png


Engage in a self-guided conversation 

Leverage our conversation cards to go deeper. Our goal is to help you better understand each other's perspectives and feel more aligned and connected  

Living Together Expectations.png
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